Ocean Riches Slot Machine

Ocean Riches Slot Machine: Stars give you wins!

The ocean happens to be a good place to make your fortune. PlayPearls has understood this concept and has created this Ocean Riches slot machine to the great satisfaction of gambling enthusiasts. This gaming manufacturer is a young start-up with a strong momentum in the world of online casinos. In its strategy, it relies a lot on the variety of its editions in order to show its creativity and to create a new taste in the world of online casino. Indeed, the particularity of Ocean Riches lies in the fact that it has a wide range of game choices. In order to get the real jackpot, the games use the same principles of slot machines, i.e. bonus symbols, free spins and capped bets. We detail after the main attractions of the game.

An abstract presentation that brings you into a playful atmosphere

Each character is unique on the game screen. Everything is perfectly illustrated so that each symbol has its exclusive role. There are at least ten symbols mainly shell, fish, crab, turtles, whale, starfish. The icon of the game “Ocean Riches” and the treasure chest are also present. And finally, for the magic to work, a mermaid is among the virtuous symbols.

The graphics are highly contrasted and the colours sparkle. All the conditions of your game can be observed from the lower part of the screen where you naturally read your credit, your bet in general and the bet per line. You can set the bet using the + and – icons. You can also switch to automatic mode. As for the music, there is enough to liven you up and take you into the depths of the abyss.

Multiplier, wild and scatter : The Ocean has a lot to offer you

There are 5 rolls of games with 3 rows. As a result, Ocean riches will provide you with 50 paylines. To constitute a win, nothing could be simpler than combining the same symbols. To multiply the bet you must be lucky, your payline must display 5 sirens in a row. That’s how you’ll get 16 times the original bet. However, the payout can be up to 20 times the original bet.

Otherwise, when the pretty red star appears, you are facing a Joker. This will make your orphan combination a winner. This is known as the Wild, which is the symbol with the power to substitute for all the chips. The treasure trunk, on the other hand, can give you even more magic and switches you to Wild choice mode. This is the real time to enjoy Rich Ocean.

Wild choice: the trademark of Playpearls at Ocean Riches

The trunk reveals a choice of 5 game modes represented by the blue, yellow, green, pink and violet stars. There are 20 free spins, during which the win multipliers still have their effect by doubling, tripling or multiplying 5 times, all with the idyllic power of the Wild. Remember that the star with the most added value is blue, yellow allows you to win 5 free spins and win multipliers from 10 to 30 times, the free spins of the others vary from 8 to 15 and multipliers from 3 to 15.

The amount of the bet starts at 0.50 and can go up to 2500 from where you can see the huge gain you could make. The progressive jackpot is also validated there!