What happens when you sing underwater to wild dolphins? They sing back. Listen to this wild spinner dolphin swim over and repeat the muscial call of Shawn Larkin as they swim together in the blue water pelagic of the open ocean of Osa, Costa Rica. This is true communication with dolphins. Wild dolphins do not speak English or Spanish or Russian, they speak music. This is close encounters of the third kind right here on earth, wild dolphin musical communication. Songwriting with dolphins.


These dolphins that write songs with humans are under attack from nets and lines. Unlike Paul Watson, Costa Ricans really have given our own dolphins the death sentence. While everyone should be outraged at the injustice of hunting sea mammals like Paul Watson for defending his own, do all the Sea-lebrites care about the dolphins and whales that the Captain fights for? Time to free Paul Watson and make a Pelagic Park, only then can Costa Rica begin to attone for our oceanic sins. Our dolphins need a pelagic park here in Costa Rica before it is too late.

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