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Dolphin Megapod Orgy, Solo Osa Costa Rica, Orgía Megamanada

clock February 20, 2014 21:35 by author BlueEcoBlog

Why is it called a dolphin orgy? See in this video from offshore Osa peninsula, Costa RIca. These dolphins need an area free of nets and lines to continue to mix their genes and grow culture. Osa may be the biggest dolphin orgy spot in the world. Let the dolphin festival swim on, no canned tuna, no shrimp, protect dolphin waters from the nets and lines that crash their party every day. Only Offshore Osa

Por qué se llama una orgía delfín? Vea en este vídeo de la península de de Osa, Costa Rica. Estos delfines tienen un área libre de las redes y las líneas a seguir para mezclar sus genes y hacer crecer la cultura. Osa puede ser el más grande punto orgíade delfines en el mundo. Que viva el festival de delfines, nada atún en lata, sin camarones, proteger las aguas de delfines de las redes y líneas que se estrellan su fiesta cada día. Sólo Marino en Osa, Costa Rica

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Dolphin Embassy in Costa Rica-How to Visit. Dolphin People #2

clock July 14, 2013 20:46 by author BlueEcoBlog

Dolphin Embassy of Osa Costa Rica. The biggest dolphin embassy in the world?
Cruising Underwater with Dolphins in the Big Blue 
Open Ocean Offshore where others throw giant nets
Swim with Dolphins instead of netting dolphins.
Be safe everyone.
Dolphin Ambassadors-Star Larkin, Vanessa Larkin and Shawn Larkin

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