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Why is Costa Rica so cold right now?

clock October 22, 2011 07:46 by author BlueEcoBlog

Why is Costa Rica so cold right now?

Pacific coast chills out fully.

A giant mass of cool, known as the Pacific Ocean, is helping bring down the air temperature of everything nearby.

While many days of no sun are not helping, during the same time sea surface temperatures have dropped all over Costa Rica's Pacific. You can feel the freshness when you walk down to the beach. As Blue Eco Blog mentioned over a month ago, La Nina has told Costa Rica to chill out. Now do you believe?

La Nina means the waters offshore of Costa Rica and the Eastern Tropical Pacific are cooler than normal. This happened last year, faded, then turned on again last month. Weather computer models are predicting the La Nina phenomenon will last at least until next year.

The conditions for here means lots of marine life and the sea is often rougher than normal. That and more rain than normal.

And the rare sight of surfers and divers in full wet suits.


Click here to meet whales and dolphin who want to get to know you.


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Talking Dolphins Say La Niña is "Cool."

clock December 4, 2010 21:39 by author BlueEcoBlog

Costa Rica's Blue Eco Blog- Echoing Eco for Oceans and Waters. Costa Rica's Blue Eco Blog- Echoing Eco for Oceans and Waters.

Newsplash--La Niña is cooling all of Costa Rica's Pacific Ocean

And the dolphins like it.  As we can best translate they said "La Niña is Cool." 

The chilly thermoclines are even swirling up towards the surface around the mainland and islands. We got dolphins like rice and whales like beans off of Drake Bay, Caletas, Corcovado National Park and Caño Island Biological Reserve, right now. Some big pods too.

The cool waters grow more small plankton and that grows more big beasts. Fin whales are cruising around and the second biggest animal to ever live eats a lot. Sister blue may be here too.

If you want to dive deep plan on mucho wet suit. Most marine mammals are hanging out offshore in the warm waters around the surface and diving below to snack in the chilly depths. Cool.

Click the photo from the warm surface waters of offshore Osa blue water pelagic if you want to check it out for yourself.

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