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Strange Message Found in Dolphin's Bubbles!

clock January 21, 2011 20:01 by author BlueEcoBlog

Blue Eco Blog- Echoing Eco for Oceans

The Talking Dolphins Speak Again!!!

The dolphins have spoken again. This time, after we had the most amazing encounter EVER, a group swam right over to us and said:

"When top down does not work you go bottom up.”

After lengthy and deep thought and a swim we think we know what they mean.

Waiting for politicians and ministers to help the dolphins is proving rather slow and there is not much time for this tribe that is losing members to the tuna dozers on a regular basis.

So it time to take it to da people.

Calling all sport fishers, dive shops, cruise boats, hotels and so on and so forth.

Stop letting places serve tuna and shrimp with no shame.

If you are a sport fisher type in Costa Rica and you give your money to a place that serves canned tuna or shrimp you are terminating your own sport. The same goes for divers who like to see marine life. And anyone who likes to travel on the water or considers themselves eco tourists.

If a place serves tuna or shrimp during your Costa Rica travels call them out.

When you call about bookings ask.

Is cheap tuna and shrimp really so important to Costa Rica's eco businesses?

We know what the dolphins answer is.

Click the pic below to find out mas. 

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Big Rain

clock November 20, 2010 15:02 by author BlueEcoBlog

Costa Rica's Blue Eco Blog- Echoing Eco for Oceans and Waters.

Newsplash- Thank you for waiting. It appears apparently perhaps that a very old and wise dolphin swam over and said to Blue Eco Blog, we think:

“We feel deeply for the tragedy that has befallen Costa Rica´s land dwellers due the profuse and extended rains. The oceans tribes too suffer greatly from untold and incomprehensible toxins and pollutions washed to sea quickly by these great rains. We must all work together to recover.”


An alternative translation of the whistles and click of the communicative dolphin follows:


“Return to this spot at the same time tomorrow with all the wasabi you can bring then later stop changing the climate.”


Blue Eco Blog standing by for your blue eco echo.

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