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United States says Eastern Tropical Pacific dolphin death numbers are among the largest documented in the world

clock June 15, 2012 15:40 by author BlueEcoBlog
United States says Eastern Tropical Pacific dolphin death numbers are among the largest documented in the world.

Costa Rica shown to participate in one of the largest dolphin killings in the world!

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association of the United States estimates at least one thousand dolphins dead each year.

Costa Rica should really stop doing this.

Here is the link to the NOAA page.

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Salvemos La Vida Marina de Osa Costa Rica Parque Pelagico Por Favor Rapido

clock May 19, 2012 06:32 by author BlueEcoBlog

Vida Marina en Osa Costa Rica en peligro. El piloto mas famoso de Osa, Costa Rica, Alvaro Romero sobre la conservacion de la vida marina de la peninsula de Osa con el menada del delfines mas grande del mundo, aqui en Costa Rica. De Bahia Drake.

Gracias al buzo Daniel Moreno, y capitan Roger Gonzales.

Mil Gracias a los delfines de Osa.

Un producion de Costa Cetacea y Shawn Larkin.
Paz Amor y Pura Vibra

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Tuna Fleet Slaughter Exposed! Do Costa Ricans care?

clock November 20, 2011 09:59 by author BlueEcoBlog

Attention Costa Rican Marine Conservation Types!

You need to watch this video.  Here offshore of the Osa super and megapods of dolphins are massive fish attracting devices or FADs.  Under the dolphins swim heaps of other marine life.  Countless dolphins, whales, sharks, billfish, turtles and more is slaughtered in Costa Rica everyday and it seems our well funded non profits DO NOTHING TO SPREAD AWARNESS OR STOP THIS UNBELIEVABLE MARINE LIFE SLAUGHTER.  Is is corruption?  Laziness?  Fear?  Ignorace?  Who knows?  But thank you Greenpeace for actually getting wet for marine conservation and not just trying to keep your socks dry in a nice office in the city.

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