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Dolphin People Episode 1 Osa Costa Rica now on You Tube

clock June 22, 2013 11:39 by author BlueEcoBlog

Dolphin People Show from Costa Cetacea now on You Tube.  Click it to check it. 

 All ocean images from 2013 on GoPro Hero2s, in the blue water pelagic ecosystem of offshore Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica, Pacific Ocean.

Dive on Dolphin People

No more nets or lines for a Osa Pelagic Park!  EIS before Ocean Drilling!!!  Duh



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Dolphins from Costa Rica speak again

clock August 19, 2011 14:45 by author BlueEcoBlog
Another dolphin statement translated.

After a period of silence mourning the contamination of their ancestral waters, some Osa dolphins swam right up to us and said, we think,

“That really sucks that these big ships can just show up by surprise and make a big mess and big noise in our feeding, mating, birthing and superpod waters. We thought Costa Rica was better than that. Plus none of the so called conservations organizations and foundations did squat. But they are telling you they watch out for us dolphins. HA. The tuna boats are still slaughtering us too. Lighten up people.  Will anyone really help dolphins here in Costa Rica. We only have fins you know.”

An alternative translation is,

“Do you really like the taste of canned tuna?”

We are awaiting more word from the dolphins of Osa Costa Rica.

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