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Dolphins Dancing For Laura Chinchilla Again!

clock June 16, 2012 13:21 by author BlueEcoBlog

Dolphins Dancing For Laura Chinchilla Again!

Costa Rica To Conserve Ten Percent of Oceans.

Latin America's greatest ocean hero, Laura Chinchilla, granted future Costa Ricans a much better chance of sustainably utilizing our Oceans into the future.  The sad free for all of too powerful special interests will now be controlled with vision directed to the people and the future by a new Vice Minister of Aguas and Mares.  Wow!  No thats how you do it!  Seems now the voices of all groups of ocean users, not just the most connected screaming special interests, will have a say.  Now is time for Costa Ricans to speak up about what they know about our oceans, and help conserve it.  Have you heard about the largest dolphin pod in the world, the spinner dolphins of the Osa peninsula and Cano Island?  Aaaa, happens to be they need a park!  They live near to famous protected areas Corcovado National Park and Cano Island Biological Reserve, BUT, they live in waters attacked by nets and lines.  This Park or protected area, needs to be south and west of Cano Island to at least a distance of 30 nautical miles to help these spinners.  NOT just 8 miles from the island as some are saying!  8 miles is not enough to protect the biggest dolphin pod in the world and Golfito and Puerto Jimenez need to make a lot money in the long run from conserving these dolphins, not killing them for short term collapsing profits. 

Three blue cheers for the awesome president of Costa Rica.

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Dolphins Dancing in Costa Rica for Laura Chinchilla

clock March 6, 2011 17:03 by author BlueEcoBlog


Costa Rica Protects a Big Part of the Big Blue.

Denizens of the deep rejoice! Costa Rica is getting serious about protecting pelagic. The enormous protected area around Coco Island National Park and nearby seamounts is call the Seamounts Marine Management Area. Weighing in at more than one million protected marine hectares, Costa Rica is now a world heavy weight when it comes to marine conservation, and not a moment to soon. Doña Laura Chinchilla can now take the moral high water with ocean slacker nations.

When asked about the news, a group of spinner dolphins off of the Osa replied;

Four fins for Laura Chinchilla, Costa Ricans, and the international team of denizens of the deep who helped do this dive.”

Don't forget Costa Rica's most important dolphin superpod area, off the Osa peninsula, is still seeing dead dolphins on a regular basis from tuna dozers razing our waters. There is still much to do for the big blue.”

Click the talkative dolphin group below to find out more.

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