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Dolphins-Should we swim and sing with them or put hooks and nets in with them?

clock July 20, 2012 14:00 by author BlueEcoBlog

Dolphins from this pod still being killed in July 2012.
Should Costa Rica kill them for tuna?
The video in the link below is Shawn Larkin freediving and singing with the spinner dolphin superpod of Osa, Costa Rica. Some people net dolphins, some people put lines and hooks in the water with dolphins. Some people sing and swim with them. What do you think is the right answer?

Why does KETO Costa Rica and Mar Viva and PROMAR,do nothing to help these spinner dolphins? They will take your money though and praise themselves for dolphin conservation, but what about our largest dolphin pod?.

Why do so many Costa Ricans cry about Faeroe Island and Japan and Greenland Cetacean kills, yet do NOTHING YEAR AFTER YEAR, to help their own resident spinner dolphin superpod from being killed in net and lines?

Why have so called Costa Rican dolphin conservation organizations not said one word about our Osa spinner dolphin superpod, the biggest resident dolphin superpod IN THE WORLD!

$$$$ and corruption
Thats why.

Sharks are getting a lot harder to fish in Costa Rica, as the thieves have hardly left any.
The money now is in tuna that swim with dolphins, and its a lot more profit if you Ticos keep looking the other way por favor.

At least the other countries try to defend their sick atrocities. We Costa Ricans try to hide ours by whining and directing attention to others.

Pelagic Parks For Everyone!


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Talking with Dolphins

clock November 7, 2010 15:22 by author BlueEcoBlog

News Splash from Costa Rica's Blue Eco Blog- Echoing Eco for Oceans and Waters.

A conversation with a bunch of dolphins.  Really communicating with dolphins.

After many years of very serious study Blue Eco Blog has translated some things from dolphins! Yes we have achieved inter species communication. Thank you. We have had many amazing beautiful mysterious incredible wonderful fantastic overwhelming awesome TOTALLY COOL encounters where they swam right up to us and said, we think, :

We the denizens of the deep want hotels and dining and businesses and people to treat waters with respect. Cut the shit. We like permaculture not monoculture. We ask could you let up already on the giant nets and lines that are collapsing our living room ecosystem? We, ah, beg you slow spewing carbon into the air,  its making acid in the water. Mucho mas marine protected areas would be really cool. And really, enough plastic, thank you very much.

We were also wondering if anyone knows a good place to get wasabi underwater?”

This is a rough translation, Blue Eco Blog will keep at it.

What do you think the dolphins and the denizens of the deep want to say?    Please no chicken of the sea jokes.

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