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Tuna Dozers, Helicopter Attack same Costa Rica Dolphin Superpod in Joe Jonas Demi Lovato Video, Disneynature movie Oceans, and BBC Blue Planet

clock February 22, 2011 17:27 by author BlueEcoBlog
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Demi Lovato's Superstar Dolphin Buddy

clock November 8, 2010 21:38 by author BlueEcoBlog

Costa Rica's most famous dolphin shows up on BBC, Demi Lovato Joe Jonas videos, Disneynature movies, You Tube, newspapers and websites. A Blue Eco Blog exclusive.

The Tico Times newspaper broke the story last Friday that Sharkbite is the name of the Costa Rican dolphin of greatest international renown. Costa Rica's leading English language newspaper reported the spinner dolphin showing up in Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas's music video “Make a wave”, as well as in the epic Galatee Films Disneynature movie Oceans.

Today, Blue Eco Blog, upon perusal on the most excellent online animal archive at Arkive, found Sharkbite spinning for the cameras again! for no less than the BBC on the Blue Planet shoot.

Check out frames at 1:28 of the eastern spinner dolphin footage and you will see the dolphin missing a chunk of its underside. This is Sharkbite. Sharkbite is a charger. You can also see more Sharkbite photos here.

Sharkbite and his tribe are under assault from tuna dozers that kill countless dolphins in Costa Rica in sight of Corcovado National Park and Cano Island Biological Reserve. They need a park to spin free.

Costa Rica has no plans to protect Sharkbite´s tribal home. Tuna dozers are allowed to drag their massive nets right through it, even though it is probably Costa Rica's number one most important dolphin domain. Thousands of dolphins live here. They all need help.

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The Sharkbite Spinner Dolphin Tribe Waters         Sharkbite himself, in action, spinning. ShawnLarkin/


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